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Wet and Dry Wipes

Wet and Dry Wipes

Product Details

Nonwoven Resuable Wet And Dry Spunlace Cleaning Wipes.
The texture is very soft, can be baby hand cleaning,face cleaning.
Powerful water imbibition, has the good wipe effect.
Application:Hospital, home, hotel, airplane,office, restaurant, etc.


1.Breathable & Super Water Absorbtion;Soft & Comfortable;Safe & Eco Friendly;

2.Wet & Dry Dual Use

3.Soft touch and washable,easy to clean and dry, and lint-free after cleaning

4.Very hygienic,no harmful chemicals and dross,reusable and durable

5.Eco-friendly,recyclable and 100% degradable

6.Cost effective


Packing:100sheets per bag,sheet size 20x14cm

Material:100% cotton,vicose,bamboo fiber.

FOB cost:$0.50 to $0.70 per bag

wet and dry wipes

wet and dry wipes A

wet and dry wipes B

wet and dry wipes E

wet and dry wipes D

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