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Woodpulp Wipes

Product Details

Item  name: lazy rag

Main Features:

Non-woven fabric material, good water absorption, no crumbs.
50pcs/roll, disposable design, easy to use.
Not damage the coating of tableware, no residue stains.
Wide range of applications, best cleaning tools for kitchen, bathroom, bowl, dish, pot and so on.
Material: Woodpulp + PP
Color: White  
Size: One Size  
Height: 24.5cm (9.65in)
Diameter: 8cm (3.15in)
Single Piece Size: 24.5cm×24.5cm (9.65in×9.65in)
Quantity: 1 PC (other accessories demo in the picture is not included)
1.Transition: 1cm=10mm=0.39inch

Woodpulp Wiping Rolls Cleaning lazy rag Cloth1Woodpulp Wiping Rolls Cleaning lazy rag Cloth4Woodpulp Wiping Rolls Cleaning lazy rag Cloth6Woodpulp Wiping Rolls Cleaning lazy rag Cloth11Woodpulp Wiping Rolls Cleaning lazy rag ClothWoodpulp Wiping Rolls Cleaning lazy rag Cloth2

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