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Dry Wipes Roll For Making Wet Wipes

Product Details

More and more customer is buying dry wipes roll ,which they can add 75% alcohol or disinfecting souliton such as Benzalkonium to creat a wet wipes,to avoid EPA specially in USA.

In this way,it can also save cost of freight cost and receive the delivery in a short time.

We can offer different material,different perforation size and the roll size can be from 70ct to 1200ct,

the regular ones is 70sheets per roll,100sheets per roll,120sheets per roll,160sheets per roll,400sheets per roll,500sheets per roll,800sheets per roll,the wipes size can be 15x20cm,17.8x20cm,20x20cm,20x25cm,20x30cm and so on.

The material can be 30viscose/70polyester,50viscose/50polyester,70viscose/30polyester,100% viscose,100% bamboo,our spunlace factory has ISO9001,ISO14001 and OEKO-TEX certifications.

We can also offer the packing with barrel and buckets,and apply the label on the barrel and buckets.

Our capacity for barrel packing,from 70sheets to 160sheets per roll is 200,000rolls per day,while our other capacity of buckets packing,from 400CT to 800CT per roll is 40000rolls per day.

Products photos is as below_

Dry wipes roll for making wet wipes BUCKETS PACKING

Dry wipes roll for making wet wipes 500CT

Dry wipes roll for making wet wipes barrel packing

Dry wipes roll for making wet wipes barrel packing with printing

Dry wipes roll for making wet wipes different perforation


Dry wipes roll for making wet wipes dry wipes refill

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